Our wide range of sectors starting from commercial to industrial projects are performed all over the island, including rural and urban areas, making this attractive to individuals and contractors.


Since we've had an excellent performance these years, many companies have enlisted us, such as:

...and many more

- Aireko

- Bermúdez Longo - Díaz Masso LLC

- Bohío International (Adobo Bohío)

- Caribe Sales

- Cidra Excavation

- Conagra Foods (Molinos de P.R.)

- Control Power Solutions

- Department of Correction and Rehabilitation of P.R.

- Emaior Inc Services

- Inrumec

- Montañas Electric

- Puerto Rico Water Authority (A.A.A.)

- RDR General Contractor

- Simplex Technology Group

- UPR Utuado

- Warren del Caribe

- Wescorp


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